Tribunal administratif

The Inter-American Development Bank and the Inter-American Investment Corporation, like international organizations in general, enjoy immunity of jurisdiction from the courts of their member countries. For this reason, the IDB Administrative Tribunal was established to settle the disputes which arise out of the employment relationship of the Bank or the Corporation with their staff members.

The Tribunal is made up of seven judges, whose only link to the IDB is their service as judges on the Tribunal. The judges must be nationals of member countries, but no two of them can be from the same country. They must be persons of recognized professional competence and integrity who have the necessary qualifications to occupy a similar position in the highest judicial courts of their countries or who are jurisconsults of recognized competence.

The Tribunal hears complaints by which a staff member of the Bank or of the Corporation alleges non-observance of his/her contract of employment or terms and conditions of appointment, provided the complainant has exhausted all other remedies available within the Bank or the Corporation, as applicable, within the appropriate time periods. The Tribunal has authority to examine evidence, conduct hearings, issue rulings to guide the proceedings and render judgment.

A revised Staff Rule on Labor Relations and Conflict Resolutions Mechanisms was approved in October 2013 and entered into effect in April 2014.

The Statute, the Rules of Procedure, as well as the Judgments issued by the Administrative Tribunalare made public in accordance with the provisions of the Bank´s Access to Information Policy.

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