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Who is eligible?

Eligible for InfraFund support are entities from national, sub-national, and local governments, and service providers (public, private, mixed-capital, and cooperative associations). In all cases, the entities must operate or implement an infrastructure project in Latin America or the Caribbean. The InfraFund resources can be used to hire specialized consulting services, purchase goods necessary to study and carry out other activities specifically related to the preparation of bankable infrastructure projects.

Preparatory activities are also recipients for investment operations infrastructure, including public sector support for improved regulatory framework, strengthening adaptive planning environment, capacity building and specific measures to improve the business environment.

What are the Financing Modalities?

InfraFund resources will be provided under two modalities: a) non-reimbursable technical cooperation operations, and b) contingent recovery TC operations. Contingent recovery operations are applicable when InfraFund resources are utilized (i) for projects when no IDB financing of the investment is envisioned in the first place, or (ii) for preparation of a non-sovereign guaranteed investment proposals where the IDB is not subsequently involved in the financing of such project.

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