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Road Safety Observatory Jamaica- UK Twinning Program

From left to right: Kenute Hare- Director, Road Safety Unit, Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, Glaister Cunningham – IDB, Suzy Charman – TRL, John P Fletcher - TRL

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and ITF/OECD are working in collaboration to foster a twinning initiative between Jamaica and the UK. The aim of the twinning initiative between UK and Jamaica is to facilitate the sharing of best practices in road safety data systems.

The Road Safety Unit of the Ministry of Transport, Works is currently in the region and may in the long term be in a position to share best practices and knowledge with other countries in the region.

General Aim of Twinning

The twinning aims to provide stakeholders in Jamaica with a source of quality technical advice and assistance for the improvement of crash data systems and the use of data to inform road safety interventions. This assistance is not short term, and will extend over a period of three years.

The twinning will aim to provide Jamaica with a source of advice services which should assist stakeholders within the country to:

  • Improve data collection, quality, storage, retrieval and accessibility
  • Enhance and expand how crash data are analysed and used to:
    • Monitor road safety performance
    • Identify key road safety trends, high risk groups and behaviours, high risk locations
    • Support the development of effective and appropriate interventions and road safety programmes

TRL have undertaken a comprehensive review of crash data systems, looking at how data are collected, stored, analysed and used to inform road safety strategies and interventions. The review examined not only crash data but also other data relevant for road safety analyses including health surveillance data, vital register data on fatalities, road user behaviour surveys, road inventory data, traffic counts, vehicle registrations and population.

During the review of road safety data systems in Jamaica the TRL team has met with and interviewed many stakeholders including the Jamaican Police Force, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Universities, Maritime Training Institute, Ministry of National Security. The intense programme will culminate in a report and action plan to enhance the collection, analysis, and use data to inform road safety policy.

Following the Jamaican review, TRL presented a one day workshop on crash data systems. The workshop included the participation of around 70 people representing the following countries: Surinam, Jamaica, Belize, Bahamas, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. The participants were able to learn more about evidence led road safety and leading edge crash data systems.

This initiative is a multiparty programme to support Jamaica in improving its road data collection system. Aligning the country’s to the international standards set by IRTAD/OECD (International Group on the Road Safety Data and Analysis) is part of the international joint efforts for the Caribbean region to contribute to meet the goals of the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety.

JA-L1027 :Road Improvement Program

Description: As part of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, the Bank approved one of the first road safety loans in Jamaica in 2010. The purpose of the loan is to help the government improve the road safety conditions of critical sections and stretches of Jamaica's major roadways. The loan is also geared toward enhancing the Ministry of Transport's ability to analyze information and make recommendations for improving road safety. The funds will support the competitiveness and development of the Jamaican government with the repairs made and improvement seen in road traffic. The project has multiple components: institutional strengthening, road improvement, vehicle safety, and care for road users.

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