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What kinds of activities are eligibile?

The Bank works directly with countries to fight poverty and promote social equity through programs specifically tailored to local contexts. With the participation of governments and the private sector, InfraFund seeks to achieve sustainable economic growth, increase competitiveness, modernize public institutions and promote free trade and regional integration.

InfraFund resources can be used for preparation of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, project design, document preparation and revision to carry out financing requests and/or for bidding purposes, and studies related to project viability using new technologies or sources of energy.

Fund Priorities:

(i) Projects with a high probability of reaching financial closing. (ii) Projects that mobilize private financing for sustainable infrastructure. (iii) Development and structuring of sustainable public-private partnerships. (iv) Climate adaptation projects. (v) Use of or development of climate resilient technology. (vi) Projects at the sub-national and local levels. (vii) Projects in countries that encompass higher risks or more difficult preparation. (viii) Projects in smaller economies, where transaction costs are high.

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