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Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption

Transparency and anti-corruption are important instruments for the IDB to achieve its goal to reduce poverty and inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Bank addresses these issues in two ways: through good governance mechanisms and working closely with countries to strengthen governance, enforce the rule of law, and fight corruption at both local and national levels.

Integrity at the IDB

The Bank is constantly working to improve its governance and anti-corruption practices through its sanctions system and its conflict resolution system and ethics standards for employees, as well as mechanisms for citizen safeguards through the Bank’s Access to Information Policy and its Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism. More>>

Regional and Country Support

The IDB also works closely with countries to increase their own transparency and accountability practices with projects that contribute to the strengthening of public policies, national plans and the institutional capacity of both local and national governments with the objective of improving access to information, targeted transparency, control and auditing units and the oversight role of the legislative. More>>

Project Highlights


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