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Latest News

Pacific Alliance Business Matchmaking Generates over USD 90 million in Business Opportunities

The first AP business matchmaking event, or Macrorrueda, was held on June 19-20 in Cali, Colombia. Jointly organized by the trade promotion agencies of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, the Macrorrueda was conducive to more than 3,800 business meetings and expected business opportunities worth around USD 90.8 million.

Oct 2, 2013.

Cali Presidential Summit Achieves Progress and Sets Baseline to Conclude Trade Negotiations

AP Presidents met in Cali, Colombia for the VII Presidential Summit of the Alliance. During this encounter, heads of state agreed, among others, on the terms of a general agreement, including eliminating tariffs on intra-regional trade, the creation of an AP Cooperation Fund, agreements to share diplomatic and consular offices in Asia and Africa, and a proposal to create a Pacific Alliance Visa for tourists from third countries.

Oct 2, 2013.

The Pacific Alliance Wraps Up Trade Negotiations

Mexico was the venue of the IX Meeting of the Foreign Relations and Trade Ministers of the Pacific Alliance countries, who met on August 26 in the Riviera Maya in order to move the bloc’s trade negotiations forward. Ministers reached several agreements, including the immediate tariff elimination on 92% of tariff lines, while the remaining 8% will reach free trade in several installments between 3 and 7 years, and a small group of products in timeframes above 10 years.

Oct 2, 2013.

AP Finance Ministers Identify Strategies for further Financial and Trade Integration

The first official gathering of the Finance Ministers of the Alliance took place on August 23-24 in Santiago, Chile in order to continue moving forward in the negotiation process and to identify strategies for further financial and trade integration, specifically seeking to initiate the harmonization of tax treatment in stock markets, among others.

Oct 2, 2013.

The Pacific Alliance: Consolidating Regional Integration and Cooperation

The Alliance is a deep regional integration initiative that seeks to move toward the free circulation of goods, services, capital, and people, with their members’ strong economic pivot to the Asia-Pacific region. The AP gathers a group of like-minded countries that focus their efforts on improving competitiveness as a medium for growing, reaching higher levels of social cohesion, and alleviating poverty.

Oct 2, 2013.

Pacific Alliance Business Council Meets in New York

Taking advantage of the attendance of AP heads of state, the Pacific Alliance Business Council (CEAP) held its fourth meeting in New York with the objective of reviewing progress achieved in proposals submitted by the Council during the last AP Summit, which was held in Cali last May.

Oct 2, 2013.

49 new submissions were received through the 2013 Regional Public Goods Call for Proposals

The broad array of proposals received this year attests to the region´s interest in regional integration and cooperation to address the externalities of increasing regional and global interdependence.

Aug 30, 2013.

IDB completes Capacity-Building Program on Techniques for Trade Policy Evaluation in Nicaragua

The program is part of INT’s strategy to build capacity on integration and trade issues, and aims to promote the understanding and use of evaluation techniques to encourage the adoption of multi-sector reform agendas that harness the benefits of trade agreements.

Aug 26, 2013.

Panama to reduce processing times and operational costs of international trade with IDB support

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Panama, through a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank, launched a Foreign Trade Single Window. This tool will significantly reduce processing times and operational costs of commercial transactions, which will increase the competitiveness of Panamanian companies.

Aug 26, 2013.

Integration &Trade Journal on South -South and Triangular Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Much Ado about Nothing?

The articles answer questions about the forces driving the rise of SSC in LAC; the characteristics of the emerging cooperation paradigm and how the international cooperation framework is changing from an architecture to an ecosystem as a result of SSC. They also address the implications of these changes for LAC and the IDB and the challenges presented by South-South and Triangular Cooperation going forward.

Aug 26, 2013.

INT Participates in IDB Border Crossings Workshop

The IDB’s Country Department for Central America, Mexico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic (CID) held an interdepartmental workshop to conceptualize the Bank’s regional coordinated border management framework with the participation of experts from the Bank and from across Latin America. The event focused on developing a regional framework to address the main challenges, as well as possible solutions and modernization strategies for border crossings in Central America.

Aug 26, 2013.

IDB brings women exporters to Nicaragua to promote inclusive trade

Sixty female business owners from the region were selected to participate in the workshop “Trade in Action” based on their recognized experience exporting to the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. This activity was held in Nicaragua and was organized by the IDB with the purpose of enhancing capacity to develop competitive business strategies and gain insights into how to make products more attractive through marketing and promotion.

Aug 22, 2013.



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