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Publications of the Integration and Trade Sector

The Integration and Trade Sector develops research programs in order to help the Bank's member countries to implement policies that promote regional integration and trade ties, economic development and poverty reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The main topics of these publications are:

  • Export Promotion and Investment Attraction
  • Trade Facilitation and Trade Logistics
  • Trade and Investment Agreements and Regulation
  • Regional Policy Dialogue and Strategy
  • Regional Instruments Programming and Capacity Building
  • Regional Portfolio Monitoring and Development Effectiveness

Likewise, these publications are categorized as follows:

  • Books: include all commercial and noncommercial volumes published by the IDB.
  • Working Papers: These are peer reviewed research and survey studies of the highest academic and editorial quality.
  • Policy Briefs: Policy briefs discuss a particular development policy issue and outline courses of action, including specific policy recommendations.
  • Technical Notes:Technical notes encompass a wide range of sector notes, best practices, evaluations, lessons learned and other technical documents.
  • Magazines and Journals: Magazines, journals and newsletters are periodical publications aimed at disseminating topical information for special-interest audiences.

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