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A common platform for South-South development cooperation between Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean

In 2012, the ADB and IDB launched a joint South-South cooperation initiative to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices between their respective regions. This partnership has already resulted in important collaboration on a number of topics. More >>

Areas of cooperation to date:

1. High-Level Economic Policy Forum. A venue to discuss current economic developments and to exchange ideas.

2. Asia-LAC Customs Collaboration. An interregional dialogue on Efficient and Secure Trade for Shared Prosperity.

3. Inclusive Connectivity for Development. Joint research on universal broadband access.

4. Conditional Cash Transfers. Exchanging knowledge on targeted social programs designed to prevent the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

5. Inclusive Business. Bringing innovation to low-income markets.

6. Sustainable Cities. Research on sustainable urban development.

7. Improving Development Outcomes. Bringing together communities of practice in Managing for Development Results.



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