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Tourism growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

International Tourism Growth

50%International tourism receipts in Latin America and the Caribbean have jumped over 50 percent in the past decade.

Direct and Indirect Employment

6.4%Tourism accounts for 6.4% of total direct and indirect employment in Latin America or 1 in every 15.7 jobs in 2009. These numbers are even higher in the Caribbean region where tourism supports 12.6% of total employment.

Tourism Industry GDP share

6.6%The direct and indirect contribution of tourism industry in Latin America’s economy in 2009 was:

  • 6.6% to Gross Domestic Product ($177 billion),
  • $45 billion of capital investment, equivalent to 8.3% of total investment, and
  • $13 billion of government expenditure, equivalent to a 2.9% share.

Share Exports of Goods and Services in the Caribbean

41%Tourism represents 41% of exports of goods and services in the Caribbean region and 8.9% in Latin America. 

Tourism Projects in the Region

$1.9 billion Since 1970, the IDB has provided more than $1.9 billion of loans to finance 35 tourism projects in the region.


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