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The FIRII and IDB Support of Feasibility and Impact Studies

What is the FIRII?

The Fund for Integration Infrastructures (Fondo de Infraestructuras de Integración or FIRII, in Spanish), created in 2005, is a non-reimbursable fund of the IDB that allows the preparation of integration infrastructure projects with special emphasis on the projects included in the IIRSA Initiative and the Mesoamerica Project.

What is the destination of the resources from the FIRII?

[endif]-->The resources of the fund are destined to financing studies (up to $1.5 million ones) related to the technical, economic, financial, institutional and legal feasibility of the projects that belong to the IIRSA Initiatives and the Mesoamerica Project. Within the framework of those activities, the Fund also allows the funding of social and environmental studies, public-private collaborations for specific projects as well as activities to strengthen institutions

Which organization can be the executing entity of an operation with FIRII funds?

The executing entities of these technical cooperation operations may be governments and public institutions of the countries that are member of the initiative and also borrowers of the Bank, as well as regional or subregional entities. They require a counterpart by the petitioners.

What is the capital of the FIRII fund?

Due to the usefulness of the FIRII, and the success in its use by the countries in the region, the Executive Office of the Bank approved the capital replacement of the Fund, whose original capital was $20 million, at a value that could reach $40 million in 2010. With this measure, approved by the end of 2008, the Bank goes on supporting the strengthening of the physical connections and the regional integration process.


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