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The IDB, a strategic partner of the IIRSA

The IDB, member of the Technical Coordination Committee of the IIRSA (CCT, in Spanish), has supported the IIRSA Initiative since its birth in 2000 through several financial and non-financial instruments, which include loans, donations, guarantees, and technical support. This support is part of the commitment of the Bank to the integration process in the Americas, a process which the bank has supported since the signing of its Charter in 1959 and was strengthened with the creation of the Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean (INTAL, in Spanish). The INTAL is the permanent secretariat of the CCT of the IIRSA.

The IDB is already participating in the funding of more than a third of the 31 priority projects of the IIRSA portfolio. Additionally (Also), it has been contributing the provision of large amounts of non-reimbursable resources to fund the operation of the Initiative, studies and other activities of the IIRSA, since 2000 up to the present. The IDB, apart from contributing to the priority projects, also funds other projects that correspond to the general Portfolio of the Initiative and represent important investment for the process of infrastructure integration in the region. This financial and technical support offers singular assistance to develop complex infrastructure projects, including in a context of economic crisis.

Despite the relevance of the financial support of the IDB to the IIRSA, the role that the Bank fulfills in the Initiative goes beyond the funding of the projects in the IIRSA Portfolio. From the beginning of the IIRSA, the Bank has been supporting the countries with tools, methodologies, studies and technical support, which are allowing to extend the joint knowledge of the South American territory and the creation of a common vision, based on consensus, of the development of the region through the infrastructure integration process. Acting in this way, the Bank is reinforcing a new technical cooperation and collaboration model among the countries that are member of the Initiative, objectifying the reduction of poverty and the creation of new opportunities for the vast majority in the American continent.


Closer Together with IIRSA

    Closer Together with IIRSA

    The name of the Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA) is as long as its objective: unite physically and economically the subcontinent to promote commerce,...
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