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IIRSA and IDB Highlights

  • The IDB is the only regional bank that includes among its members the 12 member countries of the IIRSA. The IDB has representatives in all the capitals of these countries

  • The IDB supports the IIRSA since it was created, in 2000, and has promised to continue supporting the Initiative for the next 10 years, until the end of its first stage.

  • The IDB, through the INTAL, is the Secretariat of the Technical Coordination Committee (CCT, in Spanish) of the IIRSA.

  • The IDB supports 12 of the 31 strategic projects of the priority agenda of the IIRSA projects (AIC, in Spanish), which must be implemented before 2010.

  • The IDB participates in 28 projects of the IIRSA Portfolio, where the total investment is 10.2 US$ billion dollars and the financing is 2.9 US$ billion dollars.

  • The IDB created the Integration Fund (FIRII, in Spanish) to support the preparation of the projects that belong to the IIRSA Portfolio, with an initial value of 20 US$ million dollars, extended, in 2008, to 40 US$ million dollars.

  • The IDB, together with the FIRII, get the countries closer in relation to the creation of a common agenda in order to make progress in complex projects such as the integration one.

  • The IDB is involved in the performance of 15 technical studies related to IIRSA projects through non-reimbursable resources from the Integration Fund (FIRII) amounting to a total of 12.6 US$ million dollars.

  • The IDB, through an operation by the FOMIN that amounts to 1.5 US$ million dollars, is supporting, in the IIRSA countries, the introduction of the model developed in Brazil, which is aimed at facilitating the exports of the SMEs using the postal service.

  • The IDB is also supporting the South American Roaming Project, which is aimed at reducing costs and extending communications among users of mobile telephones that travel in the region or live in the borders.


Closer Together with IIRSA

    Closer Together with IIRSA

    The name of the Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA) is as long as its objective: unite physically and economically the subcontinent to promote commerce,...
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