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By the Numbers


156 km

of road network per 1,000 km2 of surface in Latin America and the Caribbean, while the world average is 241 km. The region needs to invest more and better to close that gap. Read more >>



of GDP investment in infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean in the next 20 years would be required to catch up with East Asian countries that lagged behind the region's average in 1980. These investment levels could reduce inequality by 10%–20%. Read more >>




There are 42 agreements in force, covering 237 bilateral relationships (of a possible 496), which represent 89% of intra-LAC trade. Read more >>


Functional Cooperation

$393 million

Under the Regional Public Goods Program, the Bank has received a total of 323 proposals for approximately $393 million in requested financing and has financed a total of 74 projects benefitting thousands of Latin American and Caribbean citizens with an investment of $57 million. Read more >>



The effects of delays in customs clearance are significant across the region, resulting in an increase in transport costs by between 4% and 12%. Read more >>


18%-40% vs. 9%-10%

Individual LAC countries’ logistics “burdens” average 18% to nearly 40% of GDP, as compared to 9% to 10% for OECD countries. Read more >>



IDB study says exports may rise 39% if transportation costs fall 10%. That is, a 10% reduction in freight costs in nine Latin American nations—including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia—would allow exports to the United States to soar 39% on average. Read more >>

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