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The Inter-American Development Bank engages universities through various formats. 

If you are a university interested in working with the IDB as a client, click here
If you are a university interested in working as a contract-provider, click here
If you are a university interested in working as a partner, you've come to the right place. 

The Office of Outreach and Partnerships (ORP) defines partnerships with universities as long term relationships in which both parties contribute resources towards a common goal. The resources provided by partners can be financial or non-financial, but to constitute a partnership it is necessary that both the IDB and the university bring something to the table. To this end, the Bank offers universities a variety of partnership instruments.

What can these partnerships entail?

In practical terms, a successful university partnership relies on the efforts of institutional focal points on both sides. These individuals should have a comprehensive perspective of the collaboration and an action plan to guide it. Often, focal points will draft agreements cementing the terms of the partnership. The IDB's university partnerships have many forms and focuses, including knowledge creation, knowledge sharing, and knowledge transfer. 

What do universities bring to the table?

Partnerships with universities can bring great value to the Bank’s work, providing innovation, fresh and new ideas from students and professors, and cutting-edge solutions to tackle development challenges. 

What does the IDB bring to the table?

In partnering with the IDB, universities benefit from the Bank’s development experience and close government relationships, working with the IDB to align curricula and research with concrete development challenges.


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