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Helping Latin America and the Caribbean manage natural disaster risks

Natural hazards and disasters can have significant impacts on the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB is committed to assisting countries to incorporate appropriate risk management in national development planning.

The Bank has developed an integrated disaster risk management approach that emphasizes actionsthat are taken before a hazard results in a disaster, and incorporates climate change adaptation. The Bank also works with countries to better prepare for emergencies and improve their emergency response, and it also plays an important role in helping them to revitalize their development efforts post-disaster and avoid rebuilding vulnerability.

The IDB assists countries in the design and implementation of integrated disaster risk management plans, involving four principal lines of action: risk identification; prevention and mitigation ; financial risk management ; and institutional strengthening for preparedness, response and recovery.

Areas of Action

Rrisk identification Prevention and Mitigation financial risk management Financial risk management

Projects Highlights

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    How Can You Print a Building?

    Enrico Dini, inventor of 3-D printing, was one of the guest speakers at Demand #Solutions, an IDB sponsored event highlighting ideas for a better quality of life.
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