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Gender and Diversity
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FINCA Peru, Flora Tristán Peruvian Women’s Center and the IDB

This program seeks to reduce and prevent violence against women (VAW) through a microcredit program for rural communities that integrates educational workshops on gender and violence against women. It is an adaptation of the IMAGE Program, which has proven successful in reducing VAW in South Africa.

Peruvian women, mainly indigenous peoples from rural communities in Huancavelica and Ayacucho.

What is being evaluated?
The impact on reducing domestic violence at the individual level by adding educational workshops on gender and VAW prevention to a traditional microcredit program.

Experimental: Random selection of FINCA

village banks for women that will receive the educational workshops on VAW prevention (treatment) and those that will not (control).

Evaluation's team
IDB's Department of Research and Chief Economist (RES) team

Baseline: August-September 2014. Mid-term: August-September 2015. Endline: second half of 2016

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