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Gender and Diversity
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Colegio de Bachilleres (Secretary of Public Education), Albanta Collective, National Institute of Public Health and the IDB

The objective of this pilot intervention is to improve the environment and relationships as well as to prevent gender-based violence within adolescents attending Colegio de Bachilleres. To accomplish this, a training and educational process to both teachers and students enrolled in second semester was implemented; lessons learned from this process were put into practice through a management model called Moving Communities (Comunidades en movimiento).

2.859 youth 15-17 yrs. old. enrolled in second semester.

What is being evaluated?
Changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding the different types of violence, abusive relationships, sexual rights, gender roles, services and institutions providing assistance, and conflict resolution tools and skills.

Analysis will be conducted on four schools –two participating from the project

(treatment), and two that will not (control), and in two stages: first, a stratified random selection of 63 groups of students; second, a cuasi-experimental pairing with students from treatment and control groups.

Firma consultora
Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP) de México

Baseline: February, 2014. Evaluation completed (see results below).


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