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Population Council, Community Councils for Urban and Rural Development and Community Mayor’s Offices

The objective is to help Mayan youth women and girls achieve a successful transition into adolescence, through the provision of educational workshops. The project seeks to create safe spaces in rural communities for Mayan girls to gather together, develop skills, assume leadership roles and build social networks.

More than 3,000 Mayan girls and youth women 8-18 years old living in rural areas, who belong to 40 communities and 7 ethnic groups.

What is being evaluated?
The incidence that participation from the educational workshops has on the future plans of girls and youth women regarding secondary education, employment, pregnancy, social networks, as well as financial knowledge and saving.

Experimental: The study will be focused on a particular ethnic group (K’iché) from which 10 communities will be randomly selected to start receiving the workshops (treatment) and 10 are assigned to the control group and will participate from the project in a second stage.

Evaluation´s team
IDB Gender and Diversity team

Evaluation in progress.


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