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Social Inclusion Secretariat of El Salvador and the IDB

Women’s City offers, under a single roof, integrated and free services for women including reproductive health, comprehensive care for survivors of violence, business development, community education and childcare for those women using these services. To date, there are six operating centers in El Salvador.

Aproximately 980,000 salvadoran women

What is being evaluated?
Short-run changes (8-15 months after the inauguration of three centers) among women,between the ages of 18 and 60 years, in the use of specialized public services in reproductive health, comprehensive care for violence survivors, and business development that can be attributed to the opening of the Women’s City centers. The hypothesis is that offering services in one space, thus reducing time and transportation costs, will increase women’s demand for these services.

Experimental: A randomly selected group of eligible women was given an incentive to visit Women’s City. The use of services among women who visited a center (due to the incentive, treatment) is compared to

that of women who did not visit any center (and did not receive incentive, control), before and after the inauguration of the center

Evaluation's team
The IDB's Gender and Diversity Division and Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness

on the results


Secretariat for Social Inclusion, Salvadoran Institute for the Development of Women, Ministry of Education of El Salvador and the IDB

The objectives are to prevent VAW and promote sexual health among male and female youth. This is an adaptation of the community education Program H (men) and Program M (women) in Brazil -which have been recognized as best practices- to the Salvadoran context. It is being implemented in schools of eight municipalities located near the Women’s City center in Colón.

Salvadoran youth between 13-18 years old

What is being evaluated?
Changes in attitudes, behaviors, social norms and stereotypes about gender inequalities towards greater equality that contributes to reducing VAW and promoting sexual and reproductive health.

Experimental: Schools that offer 7th and 8th grade within the target area are
randomly selected to either receive the program (treatment) or not (control).

Evaluation's team
The IDB's Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness

Analysis in progress


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