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Secretary for Women's Affairs of Medellin and Office of the Major of Medellin

The intervention is about providing an integral protection program to VAW survivors that promotes a safer life for women in both public and private spaces. In place since 2011, it has four components: studies and data gathering, improvement of quality of attention and services, survivors’ protection-attention-empowerment, and social mobilization.

Women who live in Medellin.

What is being evaluated?
The impact of the program in promoting a safer life for women in public and private spaces. Emphasis in three sub-components: Line 123 Woman (Linea 123 Mujer), that combines police, legal and psychological attention; Welcoming Homes (Hogares de acogida) for women facing immediate risk; and training for public servants working at Family Centers (Comisarias de Familia).

Quasi-experimental. Line 123 Woman: Treatment group will be drawn from women whose cases qualify for immediate attention, and control from cases that

do not classify as emergencies; Welcoming Homes: at-immediate-risk women receiving protection at welcoming homes are assigned to the treatment group, and control group is drawn from VAW survivors whose life is not at risk; Family Centers: training will be implemented by stages and treatment group will be composed of public servants trained in the first stage.

Consulting firm
Econometría Consultores, Colombia

February 2014.
Endline: Family Centers, October 2015 (analysis in progress). Line 123 Women, completed (see results below)

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