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Gender and Diversity
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The Gender Action Plan 2017-2019

The GAP 2017-2019 will support the implementation of the Bank´s Gender Policy by expanding and improving the quality of the IDB’s development interventions that support member countries’ goals and commitments to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

This GAP will give continuity to the principal areas of action of the GAP 2014-2016, given their continued relevance and importance to the successful implementation of the Gender Policy. At the same time, the new GAP introduces several adjustments aimed at facilitating progress in areas where progress has been more modest and addressing challenges identified during the past three-year period. The GAP 2017 2019 specific objectives are: Contribute to increasing the visibility of gender equality issues and innovative approaches to address them on the public policy agenda and in development programing in IDB borrowing member countries; expand and improve the quality of IDB-financed operations that support gender equality and women’s empowerment, in both project design and execution; systematically apply the gender safeguards directive of the IDB Gender Policy to IDB-financed operations and generate and disseminate knowledge on key gender issues in LAC and evidence on what works to address them.

For more information download the GAP 2017-2019 and the Progress Report on the Implementation of the Gender Policy and Gender Action Plan for Operations, 2014-2016 

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