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Latin America and the Caribbean Mayors Forum 2015

More than 50 mayors from Latin America and the Caribbean—the members of ESCI's Cities Network—will travel to Washington D.C. to share experiences in managing emerging cities in the region, as well as share their views on how to deal with their biggest challenges. This event will also be the official launch of the Spanish version of “Managing Systems of Secondary Cities,” a publication written by Dr. Brian H. Roberts and jointly produced by the Cities Alliance and the IDB.

Participate in a public session where leading international experts and mayors from other regions will present successful urban management experiences:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Inter-American Development Bank
Conference Room CR-2, Washington DC

Sang-Keon Lee, Infrastructure Director, KRIHS
Masashi Mori, Mayor of Toyama City, Japan
Morten Kabell, Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs, City of Copenhagen, Denmark
Guri Melbye, Deputy Mayor, Environment and Transport, Oslo, Norway
Milan Obradovic, Deputy Mayor Malmo, Sweden
William Cobbett, Director, Cities Alliance
Brian H. Roberts, Urban Management Specialist, Land Equity International

Ellis J. Juan, Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative, Inter-American Development Bank
Horacio Terraza, Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative, Inter-American Development Bank
Andrés Blanco, Fiscal and Municipal Management Division, Inter-American Development Bank

This event is open to the public. Please register here.


Be part of this year’s Cities Week at the IDB. Find out more:




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