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Ask the mayor-hand


Sergio Fajardo V.
Former Mayor of Medellin, Colombia

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Fajardo is a mathematician of the University of the Andes, with a Master and PhD in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States, and Doctor Honoris Causa of the International Menéndez Pelayo University. He has held various positions in scientific institutions in Colombia, such as the National Council of Basic Sciences and the National Commission for Masters and Doctorates. He was part of the board of directors of the Foundation to Support the University of Antioquia and directed the Center for Science and Technology of Antioquia. In 2003, he was elected mayor of Medellin with the highest vote in the history of the city.

During his four-year tenure, he directed the great transformation of Medellin and demonstrated that consistent governance based on principles such as citizen participation and transparency in the use of public resources is possible in Colombia. In recognition to his work, he was named Best Mayor of Colombia in 2004-2007 and considered Latin America’s Most Relevant Person in 2007 by the Financial Times. With Fajardo, Medellin made the transition from fear to hope.

After leading a new campaign in the Department of Antioquia, he was elected as Governor for the term 2012-2015 with the highest vote in the country's history for that office. "Antioquia, the most Educated" is the development project proposed by Sergio Fajardo with the goal of ensuring transparency in the management of public resources. "Without quality education for all, social inequalities tend to increase. The Antioquia of the First Century must be a place everyone has a space in the wonderful world of education,” he said.

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Jordi Hereu
Former Mayor of Barcelona, Spain

Hereu was the Mayor of Barcelona during the period 2006-2011. He currently serves as Chairman and partner of IDENCITY, a consulting firm that specializes in city development strategies, as well as the design and construction of visions for strategic urban positioning.

He has been a member of the Barcelona City Council for more than 15 years, since 1997 when he was appointed manager of the district of Les Corts. Two years later, after the municipal elections of 1999, he served as alderman of the same district for four years. In 2003 he was assigned to the Sant Andreu district, aside from his position as the President of the Committee on Safety and Mobility. In 2006 he served as spokesman for the municipal government and fifth deputy mayor, and Councilman for Mobility and Citizen Participation, Solidarity and Cooperation, and as president of the Gracia district. In September 2006 he was elected Mayor of Barcelona and President of the Association of Municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. During his tenure he served as President of the General Council of the Strategic Metropolitan Plan of Barcelona - Vision 2020.

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Manny Díaz
Former Mayor of Miami, Florida

Mr. Diaz was first elected Miami's mayor in 2001, having never held elective office. He was reelected to a second term in 2005. He was chosen to lead the United States Conference of Mayors as its president beginning in the summer of 2008. Diaz has been recognized with the 2006 Government Award by Hispanic Magazine, the 2004 Urban Innovator of the Year by the Manhattan Institute, 2004 Business Leader of the Year Award by South Florida CEO Magazine, and was named an Outstanding American by Choice by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

He serves on the advisory board for the Manhattan Institute’s Center for Civic Innovation, the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Urban Research and the Mayors’ Institute on City Design. He was also chosen as a judge for the Rudy Bruner Award for excellence in urban design.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Diaz immigrated to the United States with his mother, Elisa, in 1961. Growing up in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, Diaz attended Belen Jesuit Prep School, Miami-Dade College, Florida International University and the University of Miami’s School of Law.

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Monica Fein
Mayor of Rosario, Argentina

Argentine biochemist andSocialist Partypolitician elected Mayor ofRosarioin 2011. She became active in politics at age 17, joining theSocialist Party of Argentina. She participated in the National Reform Movement as President of the Student Center of the School of Biochemistry and Pharmacy at theNational University of Rosario, where she graduated with a degree inBiochemistry. She then served as Secretary of Student Welfare, as Faculty Graduate Advisor, and as Secretary of the UNR University Extension.

She participated in the creation of the Laboratory for Proprietary Medicinal (LEM) for the City ofRosarioin 1992; the LEM, which coordinated its development with academia, would become a national model for the public production ofpharmaceuticals. Fein was appointed Director of the City Sanitation Department in 1995, where she promoted more activefood safetycontrol by developing the Food Institute, a pioneer in Argentina in the field of locally-based public food safety education and quality inspection.

She was elected to theArgentine Chamber of Deputiesin 2007 for the Santa Fe Civic and Social Progressive Front, which led the Socialist Party caucus therein, and Fein was elected caucus president. She was named Secretary of the Commission for Social Action and Public Health, and also served in the Committees on Rules, Taxes, Constitutional Affairs, General Legislation, Population and Human Development, and the Elderly.

She was nominated as candidate for mayor of the city of Rosario by theProgressive, Civic and Social Fronton May 22, 2011 and was elected becoming the first Socialist woman elected mayor in Argentine history.

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Jeff Risom
Gehl Architects-Urban Quality Consultants

Passionate about the relationship between social science and design, Jeff Risom works at the intersection of urban design, governance, business and culture to deliver projects that are economically viable and socially equitable while efficiently using energy, land and time.

Jeff thrives in collaborative environments, working in multi-disciplinary teams to generate and apply a mash-up of professional knowledge to create innovative improvements to everyday aspects of urban living. Jeff has worked with both public and private clients as well as non-governmental organizations in Europe, the USA, Latin America, India and China. As an international consultant, Jeff strives toward processes that catalyze local engagement and design solutions that remove barriers to diverse and equitable urban environments.

Jeff joined Gehl in 2004. An American, with degrees in Architectural Engineering from the US and City Design and Social Science from London School of Economics, Jeff’s multi-disciplinary background has shaped his cross-cutting holistic approach to all projects. He regularly speaks on the topics of design, health, active mobility, and sustainable development.

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Cassio Taniguchi
Former Mayor of Curitiba, Brazil

Taniguchi was born in Paraguaçu Paulista (SP). He studied Electronic Engineering at the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), Sao Jose dos Campos. He moved to Parana in 1965 and began his professional career in the Economic Development Company of Paraná (Codepar).

From 1972 to 1975, he was President of Urbs - Company of Curitiba Urbanization (1972 to 1975). Since 1975, he started to become involved in urbanization projects in Sao Paulo, Guaruja, New York, Golden and transport in Aracaju, Recife, Goiania, Campo Grande, Joao Pessoa and Salvador. He was President of the Research and Planning Institute of Curitiba (IPPUC) from 1980 to 1983 and from 1989 to 1994. He was State Secretary of Planning and Industry & Trade (1995-1996). Was elected mayor of Curitiba in 1996 and was reelected in 2000. At the end of his administration in 2004, he began to give lectures in various parts of the world, and participate as a member of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Taniguchi was also President of the Tancredo Neves Regional Institute in Paraná (ITN-PR), President of Curitiba, PR in 2005, and member of the Freedom and Citizenship Foundation. He was elected federal deputy in 2006 and Secretary of State for Urban Development and Environment of the Federal District. In 2011, he assumed the position of Secretary of State for Planning and General Coordination of Paraná.

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Lori Healey
Former Chief of Staff for Mayor of Chicago
Richard Daley

Healey currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Tur Partners LLC (“Tur”). Tur, a firm founded by Chicago’s former mayor Richard M. Daley, partners with leaders and innovators to drive growth within global urban markets. In addition to her role as CEO, Healey also leads Tur’s global sustainability practice, where she works with companies and municipalities to deliver sustainable solutions within the complex urban environment.

Healey has built a strong public sector career during which she has earned a reputation for bringing together private and public leaders. In 2009, she was appointed as President of Chicago 2016, where she was responsible for leading Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. She also held several senior leadership positions for the City of Chicago under the administration of Richard M. Daley, most recently acting as Mr. Daley’s Chief of Staff. She earlier served as Commissioner of the City’s Department of Planning and Development, overseeing more than $1 billion of combined investment into the City’s economic development programs and projects. Healey is widely credited with the successful implementation of over 110 tax financing districts and a myriad of projects, including improvements for the Chicago Transit Authority, infrastructure investment, a new schools program and significant private sector development.

Healey has a BA in Economics and Political Science and a Masters of Public Administration from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

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Carolina Barco (Moderator)
Senior Advisor,
Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative

Carolina Barco joined the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in 2012 as Coordinator of the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative.Prior to her role at the IDB, she Minister of Exterior Relations in Colombia during President Alvaro Uribe’s Administration from 2002 – 2006, and subsequently appointed Colombian Ambassador in Washington DC, a position she held until 2009.

Carolina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Economics from Wellesley College in Massachusetts. During her time at Wellesley, she also completed a one-year study exchange at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. In addition, Carolina holds a Master’s in City Planning from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a Master’s in Business form the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Carolina speaks Spanish, English and French.

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