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The regional project “Learning in 21st Century Schools,” promotes the creation of favorable learning environments through the improvement of design, planning and management of school infrastructure.



The School Infrastructure Regional Census (CIER for its acronym in Spanish) is a software that organizes, quantifies and systematizes the inventory of schools to facilitate school infrastructure management and capital planning.

Regional Workshops

Eleven regional workshops have been organized to analyze issues related to the design, planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of school infrastructure, as well as to exchange best practices from inside and outside of Latin America and the Caribbean.



This platform gathers and categorizes relevant and up to date documents related to the management and implementation of successful school infrastructure projects.

Schools in LAC

Discover schools and renovated spaces with innovative designs that are adapted to each countries’ geographies.

Technical Group

The project has enabled the creation of a network of school infrastructure experts and practitioners from different countries in the region. Currently, 14 countries are actively participating.



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