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What We Do

Learning Math and Science is fundamental for success in school and life. The IDB invests in the development of pedagogical models; the strengthening of teachers’ classroom practices and Math and Science content knowledge; and assessment instruments that appropriately reflect the results and objectives towards which we aspire.

All Children Count

Discover what works in early math and science education in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rise Up against Climate Change in Science Class!

Rather than teach science the old fashioned way with lots of memorization, Rise Up allows the students and teachers to jointly engage in projects that motivate, promote, improve and celebrate the sustainability of their communities.



Tikichuela boosts math skills

Finland selected one hundred educational projects as the worlds most innovative and inspiring. Tikichuela early math education in Paraguay was one of them. The project is a collaboration among the Ministry of Education of Paraguay, the IDB and IPA.


Latin America has advanced steadily in the expansion of access to education and levels of schooling of both boys and girls. In spite of these gains, girls are at an important disadvantage in mathematics and science. Yet, of the 5 countries with the World’s largest gender gaps in mathematics learning 3 are Latin American. Actually, boys outperform girls in mathematics in all Latin American countries. girls’ disadvantage in mathematics grows year by year throughout their education. As a result, few women chose careers in engineering, programming and mathematics. These are precisely the careers that have the highest returns in the labor market. To address these challenges the IDB carry our research about what works in girls’ math and science education. we have also partnered with Sesame Workshop through the Campaign The Great Explorers that seeks to boost girls’ sense of belonging in the STEM fields.


Fashionable to be dumb?



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