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Areas of Action

Modernization of Agricultural Services

The financing of public services and agricultural goods can greatly contribute to improving productivity, environmental sustainability and socioeconomic equity in the agricultural sector.

Investment in research, farming extension and animal and plant health services help increase competitiveness in the agro-industrial chains. These services support food production, exports and family agriculture; promote regional development; and increase the income of small and medium farmers. They are fundamental to helping mitigate the effects of climate change and promoting food security.

The IDB acts in the following areas:

Research, extension and modernization services

The Bank supports projects to strengthen the capacity of public institutions in research and farming extension; promoting research and the adoption of new technologies in the private sector; strengthening human resources training; promoting collaboration between research and farming extension institutions in the region and the modernization of the entities that provide services to farmers in general.

The Bank has supported projects such as the Technology Innovation and New Management Tools for Agricultural Research (Agrofuturo) with EMBRAPA in Brazil, the Program for Modernization of Agricultural Services (PROMSA) in Ecuador; and Agricultural Services Modernization Project (PROMOSA) in Panama.

Land titling and registration

With better rights to property, farmers can get greater access to credit, have incentives to invest in their business and, therefore, increase production of food and other raw materials.

The IDB has financed land titling and property registration programs in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, helping pay, for example, for the modernization of institutions and cadastral registration.

The Bank has supported programs in Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Belize, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Guatemala. In Peru, almost 2 million farms have benefitted from the Bank’s support to two phases of the country’s registration and land titling program.

Agricultural Health and Food Safety

The services are crucial to prevent major losses in food production due to pests and diseases, and maintain a safe food supply for human consumption. The IDB helps countries pay for the laboratories and equipment, training, supplies for the campaigns to control pests and diseases.

The Bank has funded the development program of the Agricultural Health Service in Peru in three stages beginning in 1997. More recently, it has supported animal and plant health programs in Bolivia (2008), the Bahamas (2009) and Argentina (2008).

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