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Agriculture and Food Security

Our main goal is to accelerate growth of agricultural output in Latin America and the Caribbean while promoting  efficient and sustainable management of natural resources. Through sustained growth in the sector, the Bank is helping to enhance food security, increased incomes for the rural population and reduce poverty.

To maintain or increase agricultural growth and to face the challenges of feeding an increasing population and adapting to the impacts of climate change, the IDB helps farmers increase their productivity with greater access to markets, better agricultural services and increased investments.

We support the modernization of agricultural services; improving market access for farmers; investments in rural infrastructure; and support payments for farmers.

Areas of Action

Modernization of Services Market Access Infrastructure Suport Payments

By the numbers


Agriculture in the region suffers from a slow growth in productivity. The annual rate of growth of total productivity in the region grew only 1.9 percent between 1961 and 2007. More>>

News and Views

Latin American Agriculture and Climate Change

IDB to back low carbon agricultural products in Latin America to help on climate change mitigation

Feb 4, 2011.

Fostering new technologies in agriculture

FONTAGRO is an alliance of 15 countries to fund research and innovation in the agricultural sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Feb 3, 2011.

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How Can You Print a Building? Improving Rural Life Keeping Track of Livestock

    How Can You Print a Building?

    Enrico Dini, inventor of 3-D printing, was one of the guest speakers at Demand #Solutions, an IDB sponsored event highlighting ideas for a better quality of life.
  • How Can You Print a Building? (22:52) Video Icon
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    Improving Rural Life

    More than 11,000 rice farmers in Guyana have received training in the operation and maintenance of drainage and irrigation systems with the objective to increase the efficiency of their agricultural production. Additionally, 1,000 farmers were trained to produce other crops.
  • Improving Rural Life (03:30) Video Icon
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    Keeping Track of Livestock

    By implementing a livestock traceability program and strengthening sanitary measures, the value of Nicaragua´s agricultural and livestock exports increased by 110%
  • Keeping Track of Livestock (03:30) Video Icon

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