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    We help the region’s companies become export-ready by offering training, trade financing and business networking opportunities.
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    We conduct actionable research that advances the region’s competitiveness and participation in international supply chains.
  • 3
    We promote and support trade and investment agreements, both regionally and internationally.
  • 4
    We provide training and capacity building for government officials on trade facilitation to improve efficiency and lower costs.
  • 5
    We help the region's governments work together to better manage their shared borders and customs procedures.


In order to help member countries maximize their trade potential, we work on several different fronts to reduce the costs of logistics, information, regulations and financing. We:

  • Provide access to trade finance instruments, especially for SMEs.
  • Help governments streamline and harmonize regulations and customs procedures, and to improve physical infrastructure and logistics so as to lower trade costs and increase participation in global supply chains.
  • Provide policy-shaping research and statistics on international trade and investment opportunitie.
  • Facilitate training, business networking, market and product information, and training for the private sector and for export-promotion agencies so as to increase the region’s share of international trade.
  • Provide capacity building for governments so that they can more effectively negotiate and implement trade and investment agreements.

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