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    We promote tourism that leads to job training and employment opportunities for underserved sectors of the population such as women and ethnic minorities.
  • 2
    Our tourism projects help to improve infrastructure such as roads, ports and airports that increase the flow of both people and goods.
  • 3
    We promote the use of information technology for tourism related research, product development, marketing, and job training.
  • 4
    Tourism can have a positive impact on the environment when it seeks increase ecological awareness and earmarks funds for environmental protection and restoration projects.
  • 5
    Tourism increases opportunities for integrating the public and private sectors on everything from infrastructure to energy efficiency.


In order to ensure that tourism leads to sustainable growth at the economic, social and environmental level, our work focuses on i) a diagnostic of the relevant issues associated tourism’s economic, environmental and social impact- both positive and negative. ii) institutional governance iii) efficient service management, private sector participation and financial sustainability.

Sustainable tourism projects should therefore help countries:

  • Harness and protect the region’s biodiversity.
  • Improve labor conditions and involvement of the local community through direct job creation and regulatory issues such as land tenure and entitlement procedures.
  • Enhance energy efficiency and proper waste disposal.

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