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    Our shared value assessments help companies identify solutions for their workers and the communities in which they operate.
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    Opportunities for the Majority sector projects seek to bring quality goods and services to the 360 million citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean at the base of the socioeconomic pyramid.
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    We combine industry knowledge with a presence on the ground in 26 countries in the Region.
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    IDB loans to help companies finance capital expenditures feature competitive pricing and attractive tenors.
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    Private sector loans in the agribusiness sector focus on increasing productivity and technological innovation.

sector framework

As part of the Renewed Vision paper endorsed by the Bank’s Board of Governors, the three pillars of the IDB Group’s financial and nonfinancial support activities with the private sector will be: strategic selectivity, a systematic approach, and development effectiveness. Strategic selectivity involves choosing interventions in areas where the IDB Group can make the greatest difference and shaping these interventions in a way that their impact can be maximized. A systemic approach will ensure that the IDB Group’s resources have an impact greater than that of an individual project. Development effectiveness will ensure that objectives can be tracked and used to guide strategic direction at the corporate level.


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