• 1
    Our beyondBanking program promotes sustainable social, environmental and corporate governance practices by financial intermediaries (FIs) in the Region.
  • 2
    We improve the capacity of financial regulatory authorities to protect consumers and businesses, minimize risk and increase trasnparency.
  • 3
    Our development of incentives for green investments, including guarantees and other products, makes firms more sustainable and competiitive.
  • 4
    We support the strengthening of programs that help start-ups and informal businesses to gain access to credit and insurance.
  • 5
    Our work in women's entrepreneurship and financial inclusion for rural populations helps bridge the credit gap for these groups.

Sector Framework

Support to SMEs and Access to Financial Access/Supervision aims to boost productivity in the Region's economies by facilitating their productive sectors’ access to finance. Operations and knowledge products focus on (i) expanding the frontier of finance for the productive sector; (ii) developing capital markets and risk management instruments; and (iii) implementing and strengthening rules and institutions for the effective management of macrofinancial risks.

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