• 1
    We develop economic tools and financing schemes, which serve to pool international resources and estimate investment impacts.
  • 2
    We increase the capacity of professionals in the region to apply environmental economics in a systematic, rigorous and objective way.
  • 3
    We strengthen regional integration through the collection and dissemination of knowledge on the status, threats and benefits of key areas and relevant policies.
  • 4
    We foster informed decision-making by providing critical information to member countries on ecosystem services and climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.
  • 5
    We help countries design and implement disaster risk management plans focused on risk identification, prevention and mitigation, financial and risk management and institutional strengthening for preparedness.

sector framework

These areas put the IDB on a long-term path towards the establishment of a strategic framework for sustainable development, where climate change impacts are considered and ecosystems will act as one of the primary pillars for the sustainable development agenda.

The impact of these areas will have a catalytic effect on the region by demonstrating to other major investors in productive sectors and infrastructure, including regional and international financing institutions, that investing in the management of natural capital while preparing and planning for disaster risks and climate change impacts makes economic sense.

We will help shift policies for productive and infrastructure sectors and national development agendas towards linking our natural capital to higher productivity, social returns (poverty alleviation), and cultural values while simultaneously reducing regional rates of biodiversity loss and carbon emissions.

Over the medium to long-term, we will create a more inclusive and sustainable growth model, setting countries on a path towards climate resilience and disaster management and preparedness through a greener portfolio.


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