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    A comparative advantage of the Latin America and Caribbean region is its large endowment of sources of primary energy, including: large reserves of hydrocarbons; the huge hydroelectric potential of the region’s rivers; and its wind and solar energy potential. IDB offers solutions to develop the LAC region's diverse energy resources.
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    IDB supports research and pilot projects to test the viability of the best renewable energy ideas, as well as government efforts to diversify national energy matrices through large investments in wind, biofuels, and hydropower.
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    IDB is exploring opportunities for national and international energy integration throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The goal is to help neighboring countries to better distribute and commercialize their energy resources as with SIEPAC in Central America.
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    IDB-financed projects in energy efficiency have proven that the return on investment for efficient lighting and electric motor programs is better than the cost of building new energy capacity.
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    Ensuring universal access to modern energy services has far-reaching social and economic benefits for society; our region is very close to achieving universal access in electricity. IDB is committed to working with our member countries to connect the last five percent or 30 million people who lack access to electricity.

Sector framework

The IDB’s goal in the energy sector is to help increase the access of LAC countries to efficient, sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy, in a diversified and secure manner, while reducing poverty, promoting improved quality of life, and fostering competitiveness and economic growth and development.

The Energy Sector Framework provides guidance to our work. The issues are presented along the following thematic lines, which have been determined based on the challenges of the sector in the region, are inter-related, and have different relevance to each country:

  • Energy access – coverage, quality, reliability, and affordability.
  • Energy sustainability – energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change adaptation.
  • Energy security – energy infrastructure and regional energy integration.
  • Energy governance – institutions, regulation, policies, and information.

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