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    To ensure that high expectations guide education services, we work with governments across the region to:
    a. Establish clear and useful standards for student learning to share among all schools and teachers.
    b. Align curricula with student learning standards to guide the expectations for teachers’ work.
    c. Align evaluations with student learning standards, educational materials and teacher training, and use them to inform teaching.
  • 2
    To ensure that all students entering the system are ready to learn, we support governments to:
    a. Invest in expanding access to preschool education and ECD programs.
    b. Promote quality assurance systems for preschool education and ECD.
  • 3
    To ensure that all students have access to effective teachers, we work with governments across the region to:
    a. Transform the teaching profession to attract, develop, motivate, and retain the best professionals.
    b. Strengthen the role of school directors and their leaders in how to improve teaching effectiveness.
    c. Develop instructional support structures for networks of schools, principals and teachers.
  • 4
    To ensure that all schools have adequate resources and are able to use them for learning, we collaborate with governments to:
    a. Establish financing amounts and mechanisms geared to promote effective teaching to achieve strong learning results among all students.
    b. Ensure that all students have access to schools with adequate infrastructure.
    c. Use technology as an instrument to facilitate student learning – implications for clear goals, training, support.
    d. Align textbooks, reading books and teaching materials to learning goals and curriculum.
  • 5
    To ensure that all graduates have the necessary skills to succeed in the labor market and contribute to society, we support governments to:
    a. Develop cognitive, socio-emotional, and interpersonal skills.
    b. Facilitate graduates’ access to productive jobs and opportunities for development throughout life.
    c. Partner with other sectors, including the private sector, to ensure that schooling is relevant to society and the labor market.




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