The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network

Created in 1991, this network of nearly 350 research institutes has proven to be an effective vehicle for financing quality research to enrich the public policy debate in Latin America and the Caribbean. The objectives of the Network are to leverage the Research Department's research capabilities, to improve the quality of research performed in the region, and to contribute to the development policy agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What does the Research Network do?

Through a competitive bidding process, it provides grant funding to leading Latin American research centers to conduct studies on the economic and social issues of greatest concern to the region today.

Who are the members of the Network?

  • More than 300 research institutes from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Nearly 500 experts in economic and social development.

Contact Information:

    Myriam Escobar, Coordinator
    Elton Mancilla, Assistant Coordinator

Products from The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network:

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