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Sebastian Miller, a US national, is a Senior Research Economist in the Research Department. His research interests are related to environmental economics, economics of climate change and political economy. His current research has been on the timing of climate policy in developing countries; comparative analysis of climate financing mechanisms; and the effects of weather related natural disasters on the economy. Before joining RES he worked as a Country Economist in the Southern Cone Countries Department at the IDB. His work has been published as book chapters and in several journals including Environment and Development Economics, Ecological Economics and World Development. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland and an Engineering degree and a MA in Economics from the University of Chile.


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IDB-WP-466 Working Papers Adapting to Climate Change: Long-Term Effects of Drought on Local Labor Markets Busso, Matías
Miller, Sebastian
Bastos, Paulo
Dec, 2013
IDB-WP-443 Working Papers Are Environmental Taxes Affected by Legislatures` Ideological Positions? Miller, Sebastian
Vela, Mauricio
Sep, 2013
IDB-WP-467 Working Papers Are Environmentally Related Taxes Effective? Miller, Sebastian
Vela, Mauricio
Nov, 2013
IDB-PB-181 Policy Brief Carbon Markets in Dynamic Perspective: The Optimal Duration Problem Miller, Sebastian
Fernandez, Jorge
Nov, 2012
IDB-TN-740 Technical Notes CGE Modeling: The Relevance of Alternative Structural Specifications for the Evaluation of Carbon Taxes' Impact and for the Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Effects: Simulations for Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean Chisari, Omar
Miller, Sebastian
Feb, 2015
IDB-WP-659 Working Papers Climate Change and Migration: A CGE Analysis for Two Large Urban Regions of Latin America Chisari, Omar
Miller, Sebastian
Mar, 2016
IDB-TN-289 Technical Notes Climate Change Funds and Implications for LAC Countries and the IDB Miller, Sebastian
Yu, Bok-Keun
Jul, 2011
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Research Projects:

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5th Regional Meeting: Public Policy Analysis with Computable General Equilibrium Models Microeconomics Ludena, Carlos
Miller, Sebastian
Saettone, Ana Lucia
Giordano, Paolo
Apr, 2014 Research Department
Agriculture and Adaptation to Climate Change:The Role of Insurance and Technology Dissemination in Risk Management Finance Mancilla, Elton
Miller, Sebastian
Jul, 2011 Research Department
Sustainable Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean Microeconomics Mancilla, Elton
Miller, Sebastian
Magalhaes, Fernanda
Boruchowicz, Cynthia
Ferrao, Paulo
Aug, 2012 Research Department
The Future of Taxation in Latin America and the Caribbean Government and Democracy Powell, Andrew
de la Cruz, Rafael
Marcel, Mario
Mancilla, Elton
Manzano, Osmel E.
May, 2011 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
The Health Impacts of Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean Microeconomics Ludena, Carlos
Miller, Sebastian
Libertun de Duren, Nora Ruth
Saettone, Ana Lucia
Aug, 2013 Research Department
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