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IDB-WP-718 Working Papers Can Countries Rely on Foreign Saving for Investment and Economic Development? Eichengreen, Barry
Panizza, Ugo
Cavallo, Eduardo A.
Aug, 2016
IDB-WP-641 Working Papers The Second Wave of Global Liquidity: Why Are Firms Acting Like Financial Intermediaries? Powell, Andrew
Panizza, Ugo
Caballero, Julian
May, 2016
P-959 Presentations The Costs of Emerging Markets Financial Crises: Output, Productivity and Welfare Panizza, Ugo
Sep, 2009
B-630 Books Bond Markets in Latin America. On the Verge of a Big Bang? Eichengreen, Barry
Panizza, Ugo
Cowan, Kevin
Borensztein, Eduardo
Jul, 2008
WP-598 Working Papers Targeting the Structural Balance Panizza, Ugo
dos Reis, Laura
Manasse, Paolo
Mar, 2007
WP-599 Working Papers Procyclicality or Reverse Causality? Panizza, Ugo
Jaimovich, Dany
Mar, 2007
WP-581 Working Papers The Elusive Costs of Sovereign Defaults Panizza, Ugo
Levy Yeyati, Eduardo
Nov, 2006
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