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Matteo Bobba received his PhD in Economics from the Paris School of Economics in 2011. In the same year he joined the Research Department of the IDB. He is currently involved in a number of research projects in the fields of Development Economics, Labor Economics and Political Economy.


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IDB-WP-863 Working Papers Labor Market Search, Informality and Schooling Investments Bobba, Matteo
Levy Algazi, Santiago
Flabbi, Luca
Jan, 2018
IDB-WP-728 Working Papers Learning about Oneself: The Effects of Performance Feedback on School Choice Bobba, Matteo
Frisancho, Veronica
Nov, 2016
IDB-WP-278 Working Papers Policy-Induced Social Interactions and Schooling Decisions Bobba, Matteo
Gignoux, Jeremie
Dec, 2011
WP-611 Working Papers On the Determinants of International Currency Choice: Will the Euro Dominate the World? Powell, Andrew
Bobba, Matteo
Della Corte, Giuseppe
Jun, 2007
WP-601 Working Papers Aid and Growth: Politics Matters Powell, Andrew
Bobba, Matteo
Jan, 2007
WP-594 Working Papers Multilateral Intermediation of Foreign Aid: What is the Trade-Off for Donor Countries? Powell, Andrew
Bobba, Matteo
Dec, 2006
WP-569 Working Papers Weak Instruments and Weak Identification in Estimating the Effects of Education on Democracy Bobba, Matteo
Coviello, Decio
May, 2006
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