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IDB-DP-541 Discussion Papers Crime and Durable Goods Weinschelbaum, Federico
Galiani, Sebastian
Jaitman, Laura
Sep, 2017
IDB-WP-471 Working Papers On the Distributive Costs of Drug-Related Homicides Galiani, Sebastian
Ajzenman, Nicolas
Seira, Enrique
Jan, 2014
IDB-WP-417 Working Papers Optimal Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change in Small Environmental Economies Galiani, Sebastian
Chisari, Omar
Miller, Sebastian
Oct, 2013
IDB-PB-182 Policy Brief How Can Latin America Help the World to Cope with Climate Change? Weinschelbaum, Federico
Galiani, Sebastian
Puente, Manuel
Aug, 2013
IDB-TN-164 Technical Notes Climate Change: A Research Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean Galiani, Sebastian
Chisari, Omar
Oct, 2010
IDB-WP-183 Working Papers Catastrophic Natural Disasters and Economic Growth Galiani, Sebastian
Cavallo, Eduardo A.
Noy, Ilan
Pantano, Juan
Jun, 2010
WP-600 Working Papers The Educational Gender Gap in Latin America and the Caribbean Duryea, Suzanne
Piras, Claudia
Galiani, Sebastian
Ñopo, Hugo
Apr, 2007
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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Societal Empowerment Poverty Reduction and Labor Chong, Alberto
Galiani, Sebastian
Jan, 2009 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
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