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B-630 Books Bond Markets in Latin America. On the Verge of a Big Bang? Eichengreen, Barry
Panizza, Ugo
Cowan, Kevin
Borensztein, Eduardo
Jul, 2008
WP-577 Working Papers Sovereign Debt in the Americas: New Data and Stylized Facts Panizza, Ugo
Levy Yeyati, Eduardo
Sturzenegger, Federico
Cowan, Kevin
Oct, 2006
WP-532 Working Papers Corporate Dollar Debt and Depreciations: Much Ado About Nothing? Cowan, Kevin
Bleakley, Hoyt
Jul, 2005
WP-507 Working Papers Fear of Sudden Stops: Lessons from Australia and Chile Caballero, Ricardo J.
Cowan, Kevin
Kearns, Jonathan
Jul, 2005
WP-545 Working Papers Maturity Mismatch and Financial Crises: Evidence from Emerging Market Corporations Cowan, Kevin
Bleakley, Hoyt
Jul, 2005
B-612 Books Un Diagnóstico del Desempleo en Chile (Diagnosis of unemployment in Chile) Pagés-Serra, Carmen
Mizala, Alejandra
Romaguera, Pilar
Micco, Alejandro
Cowan, Kevin
Apr, 2005
WP-521 Working Papers Currency Mismatches, Balance-Sheet Effects and Hedging in Chilean Non-Financial Corporations Cowan, Kevin
Hansen, Erwin
Herrera, Luis Oscar
Jan, 2005
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