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IDB-WP-850 Working Papers Building Institutional Capacities for Implementing PDPs: The Case of Design-Promotion Policies in Argentina Tommasi, Mariano
Hallak, Juan Carlos
Chudnovsky, Mariana
Gonzalez, Andrea
Sidders, Mercedes
Nov, 2017
IDB-WP-532 Working Papers State Capacity and the Quality of Policies: Revisiting the Relationship between Openness and the Size of Government Tommasi, Mariano
Scartascini, Carlos
Franco, Maria
Aug, 2014
IDB-PB-210 Policy Brief Government Capabilities in Latin America: Why They Are So Important, What We Know about Them, and What to Do Next Tommasi, Mariano
Scartascini, Carlos
Jan, 2014
IDB-DB-112 Databases Political Institutions, State Capabilities, and Public Policy: An International Dataset (2014 Update) Stein, Ernesto H.
Tommasi, Mariano
Scartascini, Carlos
Berkman, Heather
Focanti, Diego
Dec, 2013
IDB-WP-237 Working Papers Are We All Playing the Same Game? The Economic Effects of Constitutions Depend on the Degree of Institutionalization Tommasi, Mariano
Scartascini, Carlos
Caruso, German
Jul, 2013
IDB-WP-378 Working Papers Legislative Effort and Career Paths in the Argentine Congress Tommasi, Mariano
Rossi, Martín A.
Dec, 2012
IDB-WP-363 Working Papers On the Institutionalization of Congress(es) in Latin America and Beyond Tommasi, Mariano
Scartascini, Carlos
Palanza, Valeria
Dec, 2012
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