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IDB-WP-313 Working Papers Unemployment Insurance and Search Effort in Chile Micco, Alejandro
Huneeus, Cristobal
Leiva, Silvia
Jun, 2012
IDB-WP-312 Working Papers Housing Finance in Chile: Instruments, Actors, and Policies Micco, Alejandro
Parrado, Eric
Piedrabuena, Bernardita
Rebucci, Alessandro
May, 2012
P-960 Presentations Comments on: Lender Behavior During Credit Cycles Micco, Alejandro
Sep, 2009
WP-592 Working Papers The Economic Effects of Employment Protection: Evidence from International Industry-Level Data Pagés-Serra, Carmen
Micco, Alejandro
Jan, 2008
WP-566 Working Papers Property and Performance of Banks. Does Politics Matter? Panizza, Ugo
Micco, Alejandro
Yañez, Mónica
Jul, 2006
WP-527 Working Papers Bank Credit to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: The Role of Creditor Protection Micco, Alejandro
Dec, 2005
WP-528 Working Papers Creditor Protection and Credit Volatility Micco, Alejandro
Dec, 2005
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