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IDB-WP-102 Working Papers The Political Economy of Productivity in Argentina: Interpretation and Illustration Urbiztondo, Santiago
Moskovitz, Cynthia
Cristini, Marcela
Saiegh, Sebastian
Oct, 2009
R-340 Working Papers (Research Network) The autonomy of the Argentine regulating beings: Water and sewers, natural gas, electrical energy and telecommunications Navajas, Fernando
Urbiztondo, Santiago
Artana, Daniel
Aug, 1998
R-324 Working Papers (Research Network) Determinants of the Internal Saving: The case of Uruguay Navajas, Fernando
Urbiztondo, Santiago
Moskovitz, Cynthia
López-Murphy, Ricardo
Jan, 1998
R-312 Working Papers (Research Network) The Economic Regulations on the Potable Water Licitations and Sewers in Buenos Aires and Corrientes, Argentina Navajas, Fernando
Urbiztondo, Santiago
Artana, Daniel
Sep, 1997
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