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Professional profile:

Luca Flabbi joins the Research Department as Senior Research Economist. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from New York University in 2004 and since then has been an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Georgetown University. He also received a Doctoral Degree in Economics from Catholic University in Milan and a B.A. with distinction from Bocconi University in Milan. His main fields of study are Labor, Applied Microeconomics and Microeconometrics. More specifically, he is interested in the modeling and estimation of: search models, gender differentials and discrimination, wage determinants and seniority, schooling decisions and intergenerational mobility, and bargaining in the labor market and in the household.

A recent list of his publications includes:

  • "The Effect of Job Flexibility on Women Labor Market Outcomes: Estimates from a Search and Bargaining Model", Journal of Econometrics, 168: 81–95, 2012 (with A. Moro)
  • "Gender Discrimination Estimation in a Search Model with Matching and Bargaining", International Economic Review, 51(3): 745-783, 2010.
  • "Sources of Earnings Inequality: Estimates from an On-the-Job Search Model of the U.S. Labor Market", European Economic Review, 54(6): 832-854, 2010. (with M. Leonardi).
  • "Prejudice and Gender Differentials in the U.S. Labor Market in the Last Twenty Years", Journal of Econometrics, 156: 190-200, 2010.
  • "Returns to Education in the Economic Transition: a Systematic Assessment Using Comparable Data", Economics of Education Review, 27: 724-740, 2008 (with S. Paternostro and E. Tiongson).
  • "Productivity, Seniority, and Wages: new evidence from personnel data", Labour Economics, 8: 359-387, 2001 (with A. Ichino).

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IDB-WP-863 Working Papers Labor Market Search, Informality and Schooling Investments Bobba, Matteo
Levy Algazi, Santiago
Flabbi, Luca
Jan, 2018
IDB-WP-655 Working Papers Female Corporate Leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean Region: Representation and Firm-Level Outcomes Piras, Claudia
Flabbi, Luca
Abrahams, Scott
Jan, 2016
IDB-WP-357 Working Papers Gender Gaps in Education and Labor Market Outcomes in the United States: The Impact of Employers' Prejudice Flabbi, Luca
Tejada, Mauricio
Dec, 2012
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