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Julián Caballero is a Research Economist in the Research Department at the Inter-American Development Bank. In this position he conducts independent research on international finance and financial economics, elaborates inputs for the IDB annual macroeconomic report, and contributes to the dialogue with Latin American policy makers through different IDB initiatives. His research agenda currently focuses on understanding the behavior of foreign banks in developing countries during the recent global financial crises; the relationship between international bank linkages and international trade and cross-border financial flows; the drivers of banks' risk-taking; and in understanding the recent uptick in corporate bond issuance in Latin American and other emerging economies. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from The University of California, Santa Cruz.


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IDB-WP-719 Working Papers On Corporate Borrowing, Credit Spreads and Economic Activity in Emerging Economies: An Empirical Investigation Fernandez, Andres
Caballero, Julian
Park, Jongho
Aug, 2016
IDB-WP-641 Working Papers The Second Wave of Global Liquidity: Why Are Firms Acting Like Financial Intermediaries? Powell, Andrew
Panizza, Ugo
Caballero, Julian
May, 2016
IDB-DB-117 Databases Latin Macro Watch Full Database – Annual (+Metadata) Caballero, Julian
Mendoza, Susana
Mar, 2015
IDB-DB-119 Databases Latin Macro Watch Full Database – Monthly (+Metadata) Caballero, Julian
Mendoza, Susana
Mar, 2015
IDB-DB-118 Databases Latin Macro Watch Full Database – Quarterly (+Metadata) Caballero, Julian
Mendoza, Susana
Mar, 2015
IDB-WP-512 Working Papers Foreign Bank Behavior during Financial Crises Caballero, Julian
Adams-Kane, Jonathon
Lim, Jamus
Jul, 2014
IDB-WP-445 Working Papers Bank Linkages and International Trade Caballero, Julian
Hale, Galina
Candelaria, Christopher
Borisov, Sergey
Dec, 2013
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