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Fabiana Machado holds a PhD and MA in Political Science from the University of Rochester, NY, a Certificate of Political Studies (CIEP) from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France, and a BA in International Relations from the University of Brasília, Brazil.

She is interested in voting and elections, game theory, Latin American politics, comparative political institutions, and econometrics. Her research addresses issues of inequality, redistribution, and political representation. More specifically it deals with the political prospects of redistributive policies in unequal new democracies; citizens selection of delegates to represent their interests in the political process; the efficiency of public provision of health and education; and the effect of political institutions on policy outcomes in Latin America.


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IDB-TN-1264 Technical Notes A User's Guide to the Brazilian Education Panel Databases Machado, Fabiana
Huberts, Alyssa
Jun, 2017
IDB-DB-123 Databases Education In Brazil: Panel Database Machado, Fabiana
Huberts, Alyssa
May, 2017
IDB-TN-713 Technical Notes Water and Sanitation Sector: A Colombian Overview Machado, Fabiana
Vesga, Giselle
Apr, 2016
IDB-DB-122 Databases Brazilian Electoral Panel Study (BEPS) 2014 Machado, Fabiana
Ames, Barry
Renno, Lucio
Samuels, David
Smith, Amy
Mar, 2016
IDB-TN-915 Technical Notes Brazilian Electoral Panel Study: 2014 Results Machado, Fabiana
Ames, Barry
Renno, Lucio
Samuels, David
Smith, Amy
Feb, 2016
IDB-WP-611 Working Papers The Political Economy of Pension Reform: Public Opinion in Latin America and the Caribbean Machado, Fabiana
Oct, 2015
IDB-WP-397 Working Papers Decentralization and Accountability: The Curse of Local Underdevelopment Machado, Fabiana
Jun, 2013
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