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Building Institutional Capacities for Implementing PDPs: The Case of Design-Promotion Policies in Argentina

AUTHOR(s): Chudnovsky, Mariana , Gonzalez, Andrea , Hallak, Juan Carlos , Sidders, Mercedes , Tommasi, Mariano
PUBLISHED: November 2017
RELATED TOPICS: Microeconomics
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Within the broad spectrum of public policies promoting productive development (PDPs), this paper focuses on “design promotion” policies, which see design as a tool for innovation, differentiation, and competitiveness. We studied the lead government agencies in charge of design-focused PDPs in the national government and in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA). Some of the paper’s main findings indicate that having infrastructure and/or a budget is not always sufficient to make it possible to implement policies. Organizational flexibility appears as a key element, especially when combined with the contractual stability of individuals who are adequately versed in the subject. In addition, we find that these last two aspects flourish when there is some “isolation” from external political shocks associated with Argentina’s contextual political volatility and instability.

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