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The Effectiveness of Social Protection Networks: The Role of Integrated Social Information Systems in six Latin-American Countries

AUTHOR(s): Azevedo, Viviane , Irarrazaval, Ignacio
PUBLISHED: April 2011


The Integrated Social Information Systems are the result of a joint effort between the Inter-American Development Bank and a team of researchers from the region with the aim of gathering lessons learned in the design, implementation and follow up of the Integrated Social Information System (SIS) in six countries of the region. The studies include the cases of organizations such as SINTYS in Argentina, Cadastro Unico in Brazil, SIIS and RIS in Chile, SISBEN in Colombia, SIPO-SABEN in Costa Rica, and the Mexican Registry of Opportunities. The major goal of such systems is to integrate the data available in these countries and serve as a tool to prioritize the social expenditure incurred by the various official bodies.

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