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¿Qué lugar ocupa la economía cubana en la región? Una medición a la tasa PPA de las brechas de ingreso y productividad

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  • Productivity and Resource Misallocation in Latin America
    Working Papers
    IDB-WP-306 - April 2012

    Total factor productivity (TFP) in Latin America has not increased relative to the US since the mid- 1970s, and in many countries it has declined. Moreover, resource misallocation can lower aggregate TFP. This paper presents evidence based on firm-level data from 10 Latin American countries to quantify the heterogeneity of firm productivity and the degree of resource misallocation within countries ... (View publication)

  • Agricultural Productivity Growth, Efficiency Change and Technical Progress in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Working Papers
    IDB-WP-186 - May 2010

    This paper analyzes total factor productivity growth in agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean between 1961 and 2007 employing the Malmquist Index, a non-parametric methodology that uses data envelopment analysis (DEA) methods. The results show that among developing regions, Latin America and the Caribbean shows the highest agricultural productivity growth. The highest growth within the re ... (View publication)

  • Reforms and Counter-Reforms in Bolivia
    Working Papers
    IDB-WP-103 - November 2009

    This paper analyzes reforms and counter-reforms in Bolivia in recent decades and their effects on the policymaking process (PMP) and productivity. Bolivia’s PMP has shifted from a formal representative democracy to a “participative and direct type of democracy” where street protest and other non-conventional forms of political participation have become dominant. While reforms have increased produc ... (View publication)

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