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Ideas for Development in the Americas (IDEA), Volume 37: May-August, 2015: Climate Change and Health

AUTHOR(s): Funaro, Rita
PUBLISHED: September 2015
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While Latin America and the Caribbean has made great gains in public health, these advances are threatened by the ongoing effects of climate change. This edition of IDEA explores some of the health effects of climatic events ranging from heat spells to floods in the region.

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  • Climate Change Impacts on Birth Outcomes in Brazil
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    IDB-WP-495 - April 2014

    This paper attempts to identify the climatic effect on birth outcomes in Brazil and, thus, to predict the potential impact of climate change. Panel data models indicate that excess and lack of rainfall have the most important harmful effects on newborns’ health; temperature stresses and low relative humidity also have effects. The use of climate change forecasts for Brazil suggests a possible incr ... (View publication)

  • Impacts of Climate Change on Dengue Risk in Brazil
    Working Papers
    IDB-WP-511 - July 2014

    Climate-sensitive health problems kill millions every year and undermine the physical and psychological well-being of millions more. To identify the climate impacts on dengue risk in Brazil, a comparative case study is used based on the synthetic controls approach. The South and Northeast regions of Brazil are compared to the rest of the country in order to identify those impacts. The results ... (View publication)

  • Ideas for Development in the Americas, Volume 31: Climate and Development
    Newsletter / Journal
    IDB-NW-123 - September 2013

    This issue of IDEA covers some of the IDB’s recent research on climate change, including efforts on both the mitigation and adaptation fronts. That research includes both surprising findings and an underlying understanding that the region’s development must take into account -and will in many ways be shaped by- how it deals with this unique and inescapable issue. (View publication)

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